Thursday, October 23, 2008

Week 3, slash 4 5 and 6 .

There's confusion as to what's actually going to happen in the story. Below you will see what is supposed to be a storyboard of the title sequence. The little triangles is where a black screen with the credits would be.

Also There are interminable thumbnails of spaceships that look like guns and submarines and other funky things. These are fruit of the losing battle I wage with my lack of creativity, for an adequate design for Pan's ship. By the way, Pan doesn't have a real girl name yet.

Also below you will find some designs for "Wendy". Friendly and sagacious individuals suggested Wendell and Wesley. These culminate in the painting you see below as well. Rejoice for I have totally broken all the stylistic canons I have established for myself at the outset.

The idea, then , is that "Pan" has escaped from the clutches of "Hook" to fly to "Wendy's" world looking for help (?) and crash-lands into some suburban spaceport where Wendy is employed as a reactor mechanic. Then they head over to the equivalent of Neverland, which is some primeval world, possibly condemned as unstable by the Earth government and therefore unsettled, where they get to tangle with Hook and save the childrens.

Finally there is a new look for the hook.
Unfortunately, I dont like this look either any more.

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